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Harel CohenHarel Cohen

Harel Cohen, Adv. & Notary, is known
in Israel and India as one of the leading lawyers in the area of international trade between Israel and India, and tax issues arising from trade between the two countries. Harel holds extensive experience in India-Israel complex transactions, real estate, fund raising, and start - up companies, venture capital, and implementation of Israeli Ministry of Commerce and Trade finance programs in India.          
Harel graduated with honors the Hebrew University in Jerusalem law school and business administration school in 1999, founded the firm in 2000 and accompanied the firm expansion into a leading firm over the years.During the years, Harel provided business consulting to Israel Aerospace Industries, and currently serves as a Director of several companies in India as well as Israeli technology company FTK, providing virtual keyboard in Indian languages, and INIS Ventures that provides commercial services to Israeli companies in India


Michael RabinovichMichael Rabinovich

Michael Rabinovich holder of LLB and a BA in Management and International Relations, is Attorney Intern. Michael graduated with honors the Ramat Gan academic center for Law and Business, law school. Prior to joining the legal world, Michael was focused on the insurance industry and gained experience of over twenty years, as the owner of a leading insurance agency, with thousands of policyholders with diverse insurance policies. As an entrepreneur and business man, Michael had gained commercial experience, practical and financial, in Israel and Europe. With extensive business experience, proved track record, and based on law school knowledge and excellence, Michael’s internship is focused at the firm´s areas of practice, while adding value to our clients with his pleasant approach and excellent human relations. 

Naama CohenNaama Cohen

Naama Cohen is known in Israel as one of the leading and breakthrough attorneys in the fields of health and personal injury, with rich experience of over 20 years, focusing on medical malpractice cases, car accidents, representation in front of different statutory medical committees, protecting the rights of patients in front of the National Insurance Institute of Israel, Health Maintenance Organizations, Ministry of Defense, hospitals and the Ministry of Health. In addition, Naama practice with family law, litigation, and with various areas of civil and commercial law.
Naama served as General Counsel of the Health Ministry´s Jerusalem district and dealt mainly with issues of public health. She has also served in various management positions and provided human resources and management consulting to different public and private organizations.
As a leader and knowledgeable in the field of Health law and policies, Naama had achieved many    accomplishments during her vast experience, in personal injury claims, including car accidents, work accidents, street accidents, students and others accidents. She had successfully represented claims against Health Maintenance Organizations, the Ministry of Health and insurance companies, and over patient’s rights, state health insurance, including the approval of specialized medical services, treatments and surgeries abroad, medications, and other chronic diseasesas well as claims under the Social Security Act, including representation at different committees of the National Insurance Institute of Israel.
Naama had graduated the Hebrew University in Jerusalem law school in 1991, and holds MA in Media and Communication studies of the American Clark University. 

Merav AzradMerav Azrad

Merav Azrad has gained extensive experience and presented impressive achievements as a leading attorney, representing commercial and private clients in all court instances.
During her numerous successful court performances, in different legal fields, she had proved her skills combining legal professionalism with impeccable personal attention to each every client.
Merav has a deep legal knowledge in the fields of business and commercial law, real estate and property law, urban renewal and TAMA 38, condominiums representation, Torts and family law including divorce, child support, visitation rights, child custody, property division, wills, inheritances and divorce refusal .
In addition, Merav is a certified mediator, experienced with businesses and private clients. Merav has graduated the Ono Academic College law school in 2008, and was certified as a lawyer in 2010.  merav@chrm-law.com

Dan SternDan Stern

Dan Stern has extensive experience in tort law, insurance claims and personal injury. 
Focusing on litigation of personal injury in car accident, work accident and insurance cases, Dan leads the litigation activity out of extensive knowledge in this area, and many years of experience of tort claims execution.
Parallel to his tort focuses legal activity, Dan provided business consulting to several technology companies, and has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the technology world. With his diverse experience in tort and insurance, Dan gained many achievements in claims against insurance companies and large corporations. Dan graduated the College of Management law studies in 2007, authorized to practice law in 2008 and has since established himself as a leading lawyer of tort and insurance.   dan@chrm-law.com    

Gadi ArgamanGadi Argaman

Gadi Argaman is a leading attorney in the field of Tort Law, based on 20 years of successful career with the insurance industry in Israel as a licensed insurance agent and owner a well recognized insurance agency in Jerusalem, with vast experience working with insurance companies in the fields of medical underwriting and policyholders’ claims.
Gadi holds extensive experience in Commercial Law, agreements drafting, mediation and settlement of commercial disputes and commercial representation in Israel of business customers from abroad. In the area of ​​Family Law, Gadi had successfully represented numerous clients as a mediator, editor of wills, prenuptial, custody and divorce agreements,   as spouses’ arbitration manager, and family conflicts reconciliatory. Additionally, Gadi has gained proved experience in Labor Law, handling employment termination procedures, transfer of social benefits from employer to employee, pension funds and compensation, income tax planning and exempt, and long-term financial management.
Gadi graduated law school in 2004 at the Ramat Gan College of Law and was certified as a lawyer in 2005. He is a certified mediator and holds BA in insurance. He had graduated the Business Administration and Organizational Management College in Jerusalem in 1995.     Gadi@chrm-law.com

Rinat BiranfeldRinat Biranfeld

Rinat Biranfeld is a leading attorney in the fields of Civil, Commercial Law and Real Estate.
Rinat has gained extensive experience in representing private and corporate clients in real estate deals, agreements with contractors, companies’ establishment and dismantling, execution, property damage claims and labor law. In Addition, Rinat has gained extensive experience in bankruptcy proceedings including representation bankrupt and special managers in District courts and handling cases from initial stage of application all the way to discharge or creditors’ settlement.
Rinat represents companies with general corporate-legal consulting supporting all daily needs including contracts, employment agreements, customers’ payments collection and Board and Shareholders’ meetings. In this area, Rinat has gained vast experience legally supporting advanced water technology companies.
Based on proved business experience as manager of various companies, Rinat adopts the appropriate legal advice to each client financial and business needs. With outstanding professionalism, combined with determination, persistence and sensitivity, Rinat accomplish many legal achievements.
Rinat holds LLB degree from the Academic Center of Law and Business from 2009. She is also a certified mediator.         rinat@chrm-law.com

Shira Nuhamovich

Shira Nuhamovich is a leading attorney in the field of Family Law.Shira Nuhamovich
With many years of experience and proved track record in providing comprehensive legal services in the fields of Family Law and Personal Status, including divorce agreements, prenuptial agreements, shared life, adoption, proof of paternity, child custody and visitation rights, child support, home sharing liquidation proceedings and managing execution procedures, Shira excels in adopting the right strategy for each client according to their special needs and expectations. With outstanding combination of experience, knowledge and sensitivity, the professional services of Shira results in efficient success.
Shira had graduated with honors the Haifa University law school, admitted to the Israel bar in 2007 and has since successfully represented hundreds of clients in Family law and personal status cases while achieving significant legal achievements.   shira@chrm-law.com

Harel Cohen & Co. Law Firm
Harel Cohen & Co. Law Firm

Harel Cohen & Co. Law Firm
Harel Cohen & Co. Law Firm
Harel Cohen & Co. Law Firm 
Harel Cohen & Co. Law Firm